Iran: Fashion Renaissance

ENG: Today, I would like to talk about society and fashion and how politics can have a major impact on people’s lifestyle and freedom of expression. To address this issue, I’m going to talk more specifically about Iran as I find that it puts into contexts the issue.


It is interesting to see how political shifts can have a strong influence on a society’s lifestyle and freedom. Before the Islamic revolution of 1979, people in Iran could wear pretty much everything, women where not obliged to cover their body and I was surprised to discover that the Iranian fashion was very popular at that time.


After the sharia law came into action, fashion became almost inexistent as people started wearing only dark colors and hijab became compulsory for women on the streets. It became extremely difficult for designers to express their creativity and keep on designing clothes.


Through the years, television and Internet started influencing people, designers learned how to adapt to the situation and came up with brand new and colorful and original collections. They succeeded in reinventing Iranian fashion without contradicting with the government standards. Also, women are using fashion and social media to influence policies and change the dress code.


Despite all these efforts, working in the fashion industry in Iran is still considered as dangerous due to the rigidity of the rules and people’s fear to get into trouble with the government.  If fashion is considered as a form of art, and culture sharing. Today in Iran, there’s only little place given for designers to fully explore their potential and express their creativity.


Iran is such a beautiful country with an amazing heritage and culture. I sincerely hope that in the coming years, rules will get more flexible and enable women to emancipate but also for designers and artists to pursue their profession with no tough restrictions.


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