How to wear a crop top ?

Revived from the eighties, crop tops are back on track & they will definitely be here next summer! Now I now that they aren’t everybody’s favorites and also are not always easy to wear but it’s all about finding the perfect association of outfit. If you want to jump on the trend but still wandering how to wear a crop top, take a look at this selection down below!

  • Go for High-Waisted

Considering the fact that you’re top is cut really short and if you don’t feel comfortable with showing too much skin, I suggest you should go for high waisted pants or jeans.

  • Try midi skirts

If you want to add a touch of originality and elegance, midi skirts and crop tops are the perfect mix.


  • Wear loose tops

Crop tops don’t have to be skintight. Larger crop tops are easier and way more comfy to wear.


  • Tie it up

Want to try out without having to buy a crop top? Take a simple shirt or a flannel, knot the bottom and there you have a personalized crop top!



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